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Vastuvedic Research Foundation

        With the main aim of promoting the study of Vaastu Shastra and to enhance other classical art and architecture of India, the Vaastu Vedic Trust was formed in the year 1992, the research wing of which is called the Vaastu Vedic Research Foundation. foundation conducts seminars, lectures, conferences and workshops to enlighten people on this highly refined and beneficial science of Vaastu. The Foundation has conducted two world meets under the leadership of Dr.V.Ganapati Sthapati on Vaastu titled ‘International Seminar on Mayonic Science and Technology’, one in Chennai in the year 1993 and another one in 1997 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This evinced very good response from scholars both from India and abroad.

Vastu Science
The Ancient Indian Science of Time & Space,
Sound & Light, Word & Form.

       Vaastu Shastras professing the ancient Indian Science and Technology of design and construction of structures and of Town Planning, that have been in vogue from very early times, are not mere building codes or construction manuals, as generally assumed and propagated by the scholars. They are but Shastras replete with technological material and measures, based on unique Science of Energy and Matter, Time and Space & Space and Spatial Form, so far not recorded in the history of the land of their origin. This science has escaped the notice of all, over the centuries.

        This unique and supreme science of India lay dormant during all the alien rules, but today it is reemerging spectacularly. This science succinctly called the science of Time and Space, Space and Spatial Forms, is actually the science of subtle energy turning itself into gross energy or embodied energy. As applied in the field of Architecture (Vaastu) and Sculpture (Shilpa), the same subtle energy turns into material forms such as buildings, temples, imagic forms etc. All these forms are not religious but spiritual, and hence universal. But each religion has made these forms sectarian with their symbols superposed on them.

        The Indian science of Vastu and Vaastu has recognised that the universe is subject to a mathematical formula and architecture is yet another manifestation of this formula – “architecture is the supreme achievement of mathematics”, says Mayan, the legendary architect cum scientist. This is the science underlying technological principles and processes in the domain of traditional art and architecture of Vaastu Shastras. The Vaastu Shastras have evolved the temple structure as form of God ‘Praasadam Purusham Matva Poojayet Mantra Vittamaha’- Shilpa Ratna and hence it is worship worthy. The yardstick used to give form to consciousness, that is into visual and aural forms is governed by the science of Time and Space using Light and Sound as raw materials. This is the basic science of all Vaastu Shastras.

1. Library
2. Lecture hall
3. Meditation hall
4. Conference hall
5. Book stall
6. Dr.V.Ganapati Sthapati’s Archives

        We have in hand more than 3000 books on Traditional Architecture , Sculpture , Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Samhitas, Agamanas , Music, Dance, Tamil literature and Sanskrit literature . In addition valuable original palm leave manuscripts on Silpa, Vasta Sastras are also in our library. We have a spacious reading hall with amenities for reading the books for scholars . It will be available for scholars soon.

Lecture hall
        We are conducting classes for educating Vastu for the students from Architecture Colleges, engineers and for people from abroad.
People from many countries are visiting our premises and learning Vastu Science and technology . We have many plans for establishing regular Vastu teaching programmes and practice oriented institutions in near further.
Dr.Sthapathi also dreamt for having an University for Mayonic Science Technology in this premises, which will be our future work to implement.

Meditation hall
        We have a meditation hall, with silent atmosphere. One can meditate here towards Mamuni Mayan and get spirit of Mayan to achieve more in the creative world.

Book Stall
        A Book stall having books written by Dr.Sthapati and many Scholars are available here. You can buy books here.

Conference hall

Dr.V.Ganapati Sthapati’s Archives

Dr.v.Ganapati Sthapati’s Archives are displayed for the public.

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